Risk Regulatory Consulting


Risk Regulatory Consulting

Owing to the extensive implementation experience of our consultants across a broad range of regulatory requirements, we are in a position to provide clients with comprehensive and competent support in dealing with new regulation and the associated impacts.

The current focus of this service lies in the following regulatory areas;

  • Basel III – in particular the European guidelines for implementation CRD IV/CRR.
  • MaRisk – fourth amendment.
  • BCBS 239 – in particular new requirements relating to risk data aggregation and reporting.
  • EMIR – Requirements relating to Central Counterparty Clearing for OTC trades with a view towards reducing counterparty risk.
  • MiFID II
  • Hedge Accounting - IFRS 9.

Our services in this area include the following:

  • Impact Analyses – Providing an estimation of the potential impacts that may result from new regulatory requirements.
  • Defining and developing a business concept for achieving regulatory compliance.
  • Validating/Testing whether the defined business concept adequately addresses the requirements associated with the regulation.
  • Providing support to clients in achieving recognition of compliance by the regulatory.
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